Modern Management – Motivating Millennials & Gen Z

By 2030 the millennial & gen Z age range will have taken over the workplace demographic and make up for 75% of our workforce. So now, more than ever, we should be talking about how to effectively motivate millennials in our workplace Millennials have grown up with technology, social media and an ever more connected…

Belonging – The importance of making new team members feel welcome and how to do it

Can you remember that one class at school that you loved to be at? Take a minute to think about that classroom and think about the teacher. They were probably your favourite teacher right? That’s because they created an environment where you were able to excel, that you could comfortably share your thoughts, ask questions…


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Hi, I’m Dan and welcome to my blog. After many jobs and experiences, I firmly believe I have found my passion in being able to inspire and lead various people and teams. Throughout my career, from running a used car dealership, moving into engineering, completing an apprenticeship framework to leading a team of 100+ in FMCG operations, I have gained and refined a set of skills which I firmly believe, if developed, will make you successful not just in your job but in life in general. These skills are developed over a lifetime but with guidance, advice, tips and tricks you can develop faster, become more effective, change your mindset, find more time, build better relationships and live a more positive life. When it comes to leadership and management, I have always tried new methodology, found out what works and what doesn’t. I have listened and watched intently on interactions and reactions, I read books from various authors on psychology, leadership and business. I wanted to start writing my thoughts, experiences and techniques I have found to be successful over the years. So, take a look, subscribe and leave a comment.

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